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About Me

I'm a self-taught seamstress who loves to make characters come to life. I learned to sew at a very young age but didn't seriously pursue it as a hobby until I was 13. Cosplay was introduced to me later in life. I loved creating costumes during high school but I wouldn't qualify them as cosplays. My first cosplay was Megara from Disney's Hercules in 2016 which lead me to my first convention, MegaCon Orlando in 2017.

I often gravitate toward cosplaying "strong female characters." I cosplay characters that I admire, that I look up to, that for a day, I want to try to emulate.  Most of my costumes are handmade but, I am always willing to buy and alter ready-to-wear clothes. I try to make the characters I cosplay more "three dimensional" by taking artistic liberties with design, fabrics, hair, makeup, and so forth. Screen accuracy, to me, is more a guideline than actual rules.


Find me at cons in Central Florida. I really enjoy meeting and encouraging other cosplayers. If you see me, please say Hello!

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