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Hannah Alexander Megara Cosplay Tutorial (Part 5 - Makeup, Accessories, and Putting It All Together)

In this tutorial, I will walk through how I made my Hannah Alexander design art nouveau Megara cosplay from Disney's Hercules. This is by no means the only way to make this garment, it is just how I created mine.

View Part 1 for patterning and ombré dying, Part 2 for sewing, Part 3 for wig styling and worbla work, and Part 4 for adding the belt and chains.


All accessories were from Amazon. I got a pack of gold bangles, a gold and rhinestone snake bracelet, two laurel leaf gold headbands, and a gold pair of lace-up knee-high gladiator sandals.


My makeup I wish I did a bit differently. I usually go for a very long wing both in eyeshadow and eyeliner application for Meg, and that is what I did for Megacon. However, looking back at the Hannah Alexander design, the eyeshadow look is just a classic wing, definitely not as dramatic and long as I did.

This amazing photo by Tight Photography showcases my makeup and eyeshadow work the best.

I did a smoky eye with gold in the inner crease, light pinks and purples on the lid, a dark purple that matched the bottom of my dress in the outer corner and crease and blending it all out to high heaven. The original design is a bit red and monotone for me and for the colors of my dress so, I deviated a little.

My eyebrows are filled in with a dark brown and purple to match the wig, with a high pointed arch. I use a dark eyeliner that I extend almost all the way out to the tail of my eyebrow, false lashes, contour, gold highlight, a little blush and a red-plum matte lipstick.

The Final Look

Put on the styled wig, armor, dress, shoes, and belt and you are all set to embody this Grecian goddess.

I have more photos of the completed cosplay under the Gallery tab!

Thank you so much for reading all of this. I hope this helps anyone trying to make Meg or wanting to know how I made my Meg. Thank you so much to Hannah Alexander for creating such beautiful designs of art nouveau characters and allowing cosplayers to bring them to life. Thank you to Abi for teaching me about worbla!

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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